Anonymous Asked:
Description says 18 but answers say 17? How old are you? (So I know if I can hit on you as a 19 yo girl lmao)

I recently turned 18 ;)

Anonymous Asked:
You should post a pic of you wearing some nice shirts :)

Maybe ;)

Anonymous Asked:
Love how much you're growing uwu you're so fat and fuzzy I just wanna play with your tummy ❤clp

Thanks! :) and that sounds great 😊

Anonymous Asked:
Hey I'm a male gainer and need encouragement or would like talk to other gainers... would you want to talk to guys on kik?

I would, just remember that im not gay.

Anonymous Asked:
What's your Kik? I'd love to encourage you as you stuff. :3

That would be amazing! But u will have to come off anon to get my kik, or u can send me urs and i will kik u

nerdznsuch Asked:
Are you bi or gay?


robtom1898 Asked:
Any chance of a food diary for a typical week? :)

That could be pretty hard to do

Very talented

hi, how’re you? :) i’m a girl who likes drawing. I drew a pic that I wanted you to show . If you don’t like it, don’t post on your tumblr. Here you are (sorry but in the other way it didn’t work) -.-


have a nice day

Francesca :)

Anonymous Asked:
I want to feed you until you get so bloated and big that you dont fit in any of your clothes.

Sounds amazing!!

Anonymous Asked:
Do you have Kik?


Anonymous Asked:
Hi I just wanna say your belly is a real turn on and I saw a post saying you out grew some of your clothes. Would you mind possibly posing in them? It would be really cute tbh.

Well thank u so much! And maybe ;)

Anonymous Asked:
Who are you helping on Kik

Well i would love to help anyone who want it :) and i am helping a couple people atm

Anonymous Asked:
Can you post of your belly so we can see it now ?

Ya sure, ill post tonight :)

Anonymous Asked:
Are you outgrowing your clothes ?

Some :)